Control and Coordination Class 10 Handwritten Notes Chapter 6

When you touch a hot plate you suddenly remove your hand to protect it from burning. Have you ever imagined, Why? And Why did you feel hot in the first place? 

The answers to these questions would be understandable after reading this chapter. Human Body is a complex machine and in this chapter, you would come to know about How the parts of the body are controlled by a single structure.

Control and Coordination Class 10 Handwritten Notes


Class 10 Science Handwritten Notes Pdf


So in this chapter, we had to understand the movement and coordination of every part of the human body. We learned about how the human body reacts to changes automatically without the help of the brain and also learned about the movement and controls in the animal body and also in plants. We also came to know about the Nervous System and the difference between movements and coordination between the animal movement system and plants movement system.

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