Class 12 Mathematics Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

Mathematics is a subject that every person in this generation knows about and uses, may it be voluntarily or involuntarily. What is your salary? How much will it cost after the discount? How is 1 kg of rice in grams? Our day-to-day life questions require the help of mathematics to be answered and therefore it is the most respected and utilised subject.

These notes will help you upgrade your level and knowledge of mathematics. It’s been written following your understanding and power to grasp that knowledge.

Class 12 Mathematics Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

Chapter NameDownload
1. Relations and FunctionsDownload
2. Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsDownload
3. MatricesDownload
4. DeterminantsDownload
5. Continuity and DifferentiabilityDownload
6. Application of DerivativesDownload
7. IntegralsDownload
8. Application of IntegralsDownload
9. Differential EquationDownload
10. Vector AlgebraDownload
11. Three Dimensional GeometryDownload
12. Linear ProgrammingDownload
13. ProbabilityDownload

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You will be provided with a more in-depth view of relation and function concepts while comparing two objects of quantities A and B. We already know that the inverse of a function f is denoted by f-1, exists if one-one and onto. Now you will get to know about the restrictions on domains and ranges of trigonometry which ensure the existence of their existence.

You will be taking the concept of derivatives to another level. You will study how the Derivatives can be used to determine the rate of change of quantities, to find the graph of a function which in turn will help you to locate points at which the largest or smallest value of a function occurs.

Matrices are a concept that has been estimated to be the most powerful tool in mathematics. It utilizes concepts of trigonometry, integration and many others. The concept of Determinants is pretty simple if you have understood the concept of matrix but in comparison, both of them have many points differentiating them. Study determinants and find out what and how it is different from the matrix.

Continuing with explaining to you the concept of differentiation of functions. It introduces you to the concepts of continuity, differentiability and relations between them.


The second part continues to explain to you other concepts of mathematics which may or may not be new to you. Class 12 mathematics helps you understand topics that may be difficult for you to comprehend through other books.

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