Top 4 AI Detection Tools for Identifying AI-Generated Content

“AI Content means the text generated or modified by using an AI content generator or paraphrasing tool. It may resemble human writing styles or patterns.”

It is an accepted fact that AI tools cannot be the perfect replacement for humans, whether they are ai rewriting tools or other similar ones. They adopt specific patterns and writing styles to gather content on provided titles. 

Therefore, the text written or paraphrased by an AI tool can easily be detected by the AI content detector tools online. 

The built-in language models that determine the accuracy of a tool may vary from tool to tool and every content checker tool may not have the same accuracy of checking the provided text. 

In this article, I am going to discuss the top 04 AI detection tools for identifying AI-generated content in a matter of seconds at zero cost. 

How hard it is to identify AI content accurately?

With the increase of advancement and sophistication of AI content generator tools, the detection of AI-written text has become challenging. 

They are proficient in mimicking human written text with high precision to ensure authentic human writing, making it a task to differentiate between the automated and original content easily. 

Therefore, specialized and accurate AI content detector tools that operate on the latest machine learning models are crucial to staying abreast of AI advancements. earns the first position among the top 4 AI content detection tools due to its remarkable features. 

The most prominent one is its “accuracy” in identifying the AI-generated content. Within a single click and in no time, the user can get clear-cut results in the form of a percentage that their provided text is human-written or robotic. 

AI content detection

By combining various AI techniques such as “N-gram analysis, Perplexity check, and Burstiness check”, this AI content detector thoroughly interprets the inserted content and tells the user how much their content is unique. It detects the paraphrased content by, ChatGPT, and RYTR.ME, and JASPER AI. 

If we talk about its non-technical features, it is free, not a complex tool to deal with, and integrates with Chrome, Windows, iOS, and Mac. 

AI content detection


There is no pricing or charges for checking the AI content with 


  • Works against the most commonly used AI rewriting tools
  • Extensions are available for Windows, Mac, Chrome, etc. 
  • Helps users in effortless checking of the AI content 
  • Accurate, reliable, and free 
  • Features the easiest to deal-with layout 
  • Give the results for human and AI content in %age form 
  • The most accurate AI content checker tool online 


  • Does not provide the source & link 

AI Text Detector by

AI Text Detector by is among the free, accurate, and efficient in catching automated text. 

It features the most advanced GPT4 technology that enables the tool to detect the specific patterns of writing that AI writing tools usually adopt, taking the place of and GPTzero.

Machine-generated content is not usually SEO-friendly and engaging, so it neither ranks well on search engines nor gains the attention of the readers. 

With the help of a free AI content detector tool, the user can make sure that they are using good-quality human-written text.  

AI Text Detector by
AI Text Detector by


AI content detector by is free for unlimited use, however, requires the user to sign up for the tool before inserting the content. 


  • Free and fast
  • Take the place of GPT4 and 
  • Stands among the most accurate and efficient content checker tools 
  • Mark the AI-written content as “red” and human-written as “green”
  • Suitable for beginners as well as professionals 
  • Proficient in catching machine-written text 
  • Accessible to user’s aid round the clock 
  • Completely secure for user’s data and information 


  • Does not provide the results in percentage form 

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Free AI content detector by is one of the simplest-to-operate tools that utilizes various advanced language models and techniques to read the patterns of AI-generated content. 

In response, the tool will highlight the text and comment if it was AI-generated or human-written. The accuracy associated with this AI content detector is more than 99% and is the key reason for its popularity among users. 

Its user-friendly interface, availability 24/7, and free-of-cost automated content checking make it convenient to use for both beginners and professional users.


The AI content checker is not a paid tool and does not require any other formalities before checking the content. 


  • Free and easy to use
  • Process up to 5,000 words per attempt 
  • Useful in avoiding content duplication 
  • Mark or highlight the provided text as AI or human-written 
  • The fastest alternative to review a piece of writing 
  • Features the most advanced language models to detect automated text 
  • The accuracy of the ai content detector is 99% 
  • Best suited to beginners and non-professional users 


  • Limited word count compared to other tools

AI Content Recognition with ChatGPT

ChatGPT-powered AI content detector is a well-known paid tool for effortless and authentic checking of the text produced by AI software. 

After performing a thorough analysis, the tool provides the user with clear results on whether or not their text is AI-generated. 

It can be a valuable asset for professionals in quick evaluation and review of their content and making sure that they are providing high-quality unique content to their audience. 

AI Content Recognition with ChatGPT


AI Content checker by ChatGPT features 2 pricing plans for individual or team use i.e. “Plus ($20/month)

and Team ($25/month)” in which the user will get unlimited AI content detection. 


  • Authentic and reliable for AI content checking 
  • Accuracy is guaranteed 
  • Recommended for professional content writers, bloggers, or educators 
  • Helps users avoid legal penalties by preventing plagiarized content 


  • Expensive for non-professionals 
  • Does not offer free trials 


 The above-discussed AI tools are free, the most accurate, and the most efficient in the effortless detection of AI-generated content. is the most authentic and widely-used tool, recommended for professionals and novices. It is free, gives up to 99% accurate results, processes an infinite number of words, and features the easiest-to-use design.

While the Content detector tools by,, and ChatGPT are all authentic, and convenient to operate, especially for beginners and non-regular users. So, whatever tool you choose, precision and reliability are guaranteed.  

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