NCERT Chapterwise Physical Education Class 12 Book Pdf

Download the PDF for the NCERT Physical Education Class 12 Book: Students who want to advance their careers in physical education start with CBSE as their foundation. All of the crucial lessons and ideas that must be learned for the Class 12 Boards are included in the NCERT class 12 physical education books.

NCERT Chapterwise Physical Education Class 12 Book PDF

Chapter noChapter Name
1Physical Education
2Understanding Health
3Physical and physiological aspects of physical education and sports
4Individual Games
5Team Games
6Yoga and its relevance in the modern times
7Safety and Security
8Health-related physical fitness
9Measurement and Evaluation
10Tournaments and Competitions
11Adventure Sports

As one of the six major subjects a student chooses in the 12th year, physical education is an optional subject. It is a subject that can be studied in the trade, science or art streams.

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