Outcomes of Democracy Class 10 Notes – CBSE Chapter 7 Civics

Outcomes of Democracy Class 10 Notes

What is Democracy? How is it better than Dictatorship?

Democracy is concerned with ensuring that people have the right to choose and control their rulers. Citizens should be able to participate in decision-making in a democracy when it is practicable and essential. Democracy ensures that decisions are made by standards and procedures. A citizen has the right and the means to scrutinize the decision-making process. Thus, democracy necessitates transparency. According to Outcomes of Democracy class 10 notes, democracy is a superior form of government to dictatorship in the following ways:

  • Encourages citizen equality.
  • Enhances the individual’s dignity.
  • Enhances decision-making quality.
  • Provides a way for resolving disputes.
  • Allows for the correction of errors.

Important elements of Democracy

There are two elements that must be met for a democracy to achieve a harmonious society: To develop a peaceful social existence, democracy must meet the following two conditions:

  1. Majority and minority views do not last. Democracy is more than just majority rule. The majority must collaborate with the minority in order for the government to function and represent the majority viewpoint.
  2. In terms of religion, race, or linguistic groupings, for example, majority rule does not become majority community rule. Democracy will stay democratic as long as each citizen gets a chance to be in the majority at some point in time. No one should be prevented from participating in a democracy because of their religion, caste, community, creed, or other criteria.

Outcomes of Democracy

There are certain things mentioned in the outcomes of democracy class 10 notes that must be provided through democracy.

  1. People have the right to pick their rulers in a democracy, and they have authority over them. Citizens should be able to engage in decision-making that affects them all whenever possible and required.
  2. It is reasonable to expect democracy to generate a government that follows procedures and reports to the people. Democratic governments create mechanisms for citizens, such as regular, free, and fair elections, open public debate on significant policies and laws, and the right of individuals to information about the government.

In fact, Democracy is better than any other form of government as it has always been repeated in the outcome of democracy class 10 notes because of the following stated reasons:

Democracy is superior to alternative forms of government:

Democracy is superior to alternative forms of government:

  • A citizen has the right and the means to scrutinize the decision-making process. There is openness.
  • Democratic governance is a legitimate government, the government of the people.
  • Founded on the concepts of debate and negotiation. As a result, the implementation must be delayed.
  • The ability to deal with differences, decisions, and disputes is a strength of democratic governments.
  • People accept and more effective value decisions
  • The incapacity of democracy to achieve faster economic growth is cause for concern.
  • The claims of the oppressed and marginalized castes for equal status and opportunity have been bolstered by democracy.

Economic Development and Growth- Outcomes of democracy class 10 notes

Economic development is influenced by several elements, including the size of the country’s population, the global situation, assistance from other countries, the country’s economic priorities, and so on. The rates of economic growth differ significantly between dictatorship and democratic countries. As a result, democracy is favoured since it has several favourable results.

Inequality and Poverty Reduction

Everyone has an equal role to play whenever there is a need to elect legislators. Growing economic inequalities are emerging as a result of the process of bringing individuals into the political arena on an equal basis. A tiny number of ultra-wealthy people control a disproportionate share of wealth and income. Their share of the country’s total income has been increasing. Those at the bottom of society have very little on which to rely.

Apart from the Outcomes of Democracy class 10 notes book notes, Several websites explain the nuances of democracy, and the challenges faced in the Indian context very well. Scan through these websites to have a clearer picture of the Indian democratic system.

Citizens’ dignity and freedom in a Democracy

Women’s dignity: More women in political positions is one approach to ensuring that women’s issues receive enough attention. It is legally required to have a reasonable proportion of women in elected bodies to achieve this. In India, Panchayati Raj has reserved one-third of the seats in local government organizations for women. The Rajya Sabha enacted the Women’s Reservation Bill in March 2010, establishing 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament and state legislative bodies. The discriminated castes people have today have strengthened their positions in society by claiming their equal rights by the virtue of democracy. Once the government has been formed, political parties are the ones to take care of those representatives belonging to different castes and tribes.

In the Outcomes of Democracy class 10 notes, Democracy is mentioned to ensure that all castes have equal positions and opportunities. Democracy elevates people from the status of subjects to that of citizens. A democracy guarantees that the people have the right to choose their rulers and that the people have influence over the rulers. A citizen has the right and the means to scrutinize the decision-making process. In a democracy like India, there is transparency. The Right to Information (RTI) law was passed in October 2005, granting all citizens the right to get all information concerning the functioning of government departments.

Social Diversity Accommodation

No civilization can ever completely and permanently resolve tensions between different groups. However, we may learn to respect these differences and develop ways to deal with them. Democracy is best adapted to achieve this result. The ability of democratic regimes to deal with social diversity, divisions, and disputes is a benefit. However, in order to get this result that has been included in outcomes of democracy class 10 notes must meet two conditions:

  1. The majority must constantly work with the minority to ensure that governments function to represent the majority position.
  2. Rule by majority means that different people and organizations may and can form a majority in every decision or election.


In the outcomes of Democracy class 10 notes, students are sensitized by the burning topic of democracy. Learning about the democracy of our nation as well as its comparison with that of other nations makes us realize that our votes have an impact on how the government is managed and on their personal self-interest. The democratic examination never ends. As it passes one test, it generates another. As people reap the benefits of democracy, they demand more and wish to improve it. The fact that people are complaining is evidence of democracy’s success.

Use the best tips from the outcomes of democracy class 10 notes to score good marks in the exams. All the best!!!

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