Class 12 Political Science Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

Learning has become a very difficult task for students so, we bring before you Class 12 Political Science handwritten notes. These handwritten notes are specifically made for the student’s convenience. We are giving students a way to grab a chance of achieving success through these handwritten notes.

Political Science is a difficult subject and brings many problems with it therefore, our Class 12 handwritten notes will guide you to learn new and interesting things in a comprehensible manner. Download our pdf and satiate your curiosity. Our Class 12 Political Science handwritten notes have proven to be helpful to students in one or the other way.

Even the students appearing for competitive exams have gained a great level of information and knowledge through our handwritten notes pdf.

Our goal is your success and we are ever so firm with this goal. Now, download the handwritten notes pdf that we have provided you with and be part of the many students that have attained knowledge through our handwritten notes.

Class 12 Political Science Handwritten Notes Pdf Download

Chapter NameDownload
1. The Cold War EraDownload
2. The End of BipolarityDownload
3. US Hegemony in World PoliticsDownload
4. Alternative Centres of PowerDownload
5. Contemporary South AsiaDownload
6. International OrganisationsDownload
7. Security in the Contemporary WorldDownload
8. Environment and Natural ResourcesDownload
9. GlobalisationDownload

PART-B Political Science Class 12 “Politics in India since Independence”

Chapter NameDownload
10. Challenges of Nation BuildingDownload
11. Era of One-Party DominanceDownload
12. Politics of Planned DevelopmentDownload
13. India’s External RelationsDownload
14. Challenges to and Restoration of Congress SystemDownload
15. The Crisis of Democratic OrderDownload
16. Rise of Popular MovementsDownload
17. Rise of Popular MovementsDownload
18. Recent Developments in Indian PoliticsDownload

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Our country was once said to be a golden bird but after the invasion of the Britishers, India lost its glory. Many rebellions, many massacres and many spokesperson’s struggles lead to the independence of India. Although, independence came along with the partition of India due to the religious conflicts that were going along with the struggle for freedom. A new country, Pakistan, was formed.

Then Democracy came into existence. This is what Political Science is all about the independence of India and the formation of the structure of the new election system. Political Science teaches us how democracy is meant for the people, by the people and of the people. Meaning that it revolved around the people or citizens of India only.

Political Science also teaches us about the rights that the Constitution and the country itself provide us with. It also continues to acknowledge the responsibilities that we ought to sign up for as a citizen of India.

Our Class 12 Political Science handwritten notes must have given you a thorough and in-depth explanation of what Political Science wants you to understand. As mentioned before, our handwritten notes have been instigated especially for you students. We have made these handwritten notes only for your convenience and comprehension purposes. Download our Class 12 Political Science handwritten notes pdf and understand the sophisticated and ever so changing world of Political Science.

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