Class 12 Lost Spring Summary: CBSE Notes

Class 12 lost spring summary

The author’s impressions of the life of rag pickers are described in the first section. The trash collectors came from Dhaka. Additionally, Seemapuri is where the rag pickers’ hamlet is located. The storms have caused damage to their homes and farmland. In the hopes of finding a place to live, they had travelled to the major metropolis. However, they had to deal with a lot of trials and the truth was painful for them. They lack a variety of resources and are undoubtedly poor.

Every morning, the author observes Saheb scouring the neighbourhood for “gold.” These rag pickers depend on the trash to survive. Additionally, it is a wonderful thing for the kids. A few coins can be found from it by the kids. These people have desires and aspirations. They don’t know how to make them possible, which is the difficulty. There are a lot of things that they can’t access. Later, Saheb enters a tea shop where he has the opportunity to make 800 Rupees and receive all meals. He has lost his freedom, nevertheless, because of this work. As a result, they are in a rather miserable and hopeless situation.

The life of Mukesh is examined in the second section. A boy named Mukesh comes from a family of bangle makers. Famous for its outstanding glass-blowing industry in Firozabad. Nearly 20,000 youngsters are employed in this specific industry. Additionally, nobody over there is aware of or abides by the law that prohibits underage labor. Additionally, both the working and housing conditions are abhorrent.

These kids reside in gloomy cells. They also do their work near furnaces that are hot. This is undoubtedly incredibly risky because it leaves these kids blind when they grow up. Additionally, the stress of debt must be endured by these kids. Additionally, they are unable to come up with a remedy to this dilemma. These kids have no possibility of escaping this situation.

Politicians, intermediaries, bureaucrats, and police officers will all obstruct their progress. The women in the home saw it as their fate or destiny. Such reasoning leads them to just adhere to the normative tradition. Mukesh is distinctive in some way. He is different from the locals there. This is due to Mukesh’s lofty aspirations. In the future, he hopes to work as a mechanic. He lives a long way from the garage, but he is determined to walk there.

ConclusionClass 12 lost spring summary

The lost spring summary provides a study of the deplorable circumstances that many youngsters encounter and doom them to a life of suffering, repression, and ignorance. I hope the lost spring summary helped you to understand the chapter and if you want to add something more to the lost spring summary then please mention them in the comment box.

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