NCERT Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Notes Transport and Communication (Handwritten PDF Notes)

Our NCERT class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Notes is the best way of making you understand the importance and summarizing the facts that CBSE class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Notes Transport and Communication provide you with. It was made by keeping in mind how a student can understand it better for you to learn something new and interesting in the easiest way.

Class 12 Geography Transport and Communication notes enhance students’ thinking by giving them basic information on everything that’s going around them, it helps in providing every basic and fundamental detail to the students so that they present them at any information meetings and state their opinion. This knowledge promotes empathy, tolerance, and appreciation for global diversity.

NCERT Transport and Communication Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Notes


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The world is growing rapidly and so is the population, leading to so many changes in the distribution and habitats of humans, these factors make these skills to be crucial for a student. This spatial literacy equips students to navigate our complex world and make informed decisions based on geospatial information.


Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Notes plays a significant role in giving students information on what environment they live in and about the interaction of humans with the environment. It teaches you about the core of the society that you live in while also detailing the core of the people and societies that live around you. Studying this Transport and Communication Notes can you in comprehending other people’s conditions while empathizing with them. In many places, this subject helps in finding the solution for those who are facing the challenges that the globe has assigned to them.

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