5 Best Ways to Convert PNG to an Editable Word File

Looking for a way to get valuable text out of an image file? Did you send a screenshot of notes or some screenshots of some important documents? Whatever the scenario, it is hard to deny that there is a great amount of use that you can gain from having the power to conveniently and easily convert a given image to a Word file. 

However, if you were to do it the traditional method, that is by creating a document file and typing out every single word and then formatting it. It’s very time-consuming and there should be a simpler way to do so. Fortunately, there are methods to do so that take much less time and are bound to be much much more accurate than simply taking down the text.

5 Best Ways to Convert PNG to an Editable Word File

Use an online converter 

The most convenient and easiest way to convert a PNG to a Word file is by means of a PNG to Word converter. Using them is as easy as uploading your file and downloading the output; this is completed within a short span of time and gives the best results relative to the time. The only slight drawback of the method is that the words will not retain their formatting and will give you a plain .docx word file output. This may actually be preferred over retaining the formatting in the image because you may have specific requirements for formatting depending on your workplace or school/college. 

Arguably this is the easiest method on the list and the PNG to Word converter is quite easy to use so you don’t have to spend time messing around with different pieces of software and looking up tutorials online to do a simple conversion. 

Try using Google lens

You can open the image using Google Lens on your smartphone and it gives you the option to isolate “Text’ from it. However, that functionality is rather tedious and it does not give the easy-to-use docx output. Moreover, part of the functionality is done on your phone and it can be annoying to share data between your phone and computer. It also has the same drawback of not retaining the formatting of the text. 

Give Google Docs a try

If you are more comfortable with Google’s document editor you may upload the png file to drive and open it with Google Docs. The Docs file should allow you to manipulate the text and you can download the file in the docx MS-Words format. This method of PNG to word conversion takes longer and requires some understanding of Google Docs; however, Docs and MS Word have differences in formatting (such as fonts) which will cause some issues after the conversion. 

You could try Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe has a powerful document editing software which will help you do a lot with the small disadvantage of costing a lot of money. If you have already purchased the subscription then congrats this method is for you. You can choose the “Create PDF” option in Tools and import the PNG file. You then need to export the PDF as a Word file and you get a docx file. 

Use the native MS Word features

Place the PNG images in a Word document and convert the Word to a PDF file. Open that newly created pdf file with MS Word and hit “OK” on the dialogue box that pop-up. However, the results will not be the same as the other methods. 

Which Method is Best?

The most efficient way to do a PNG to word converter because it gives you the ease of use and convenience that other options simply can’t. Even if you are not that thorough with MS Word you can still convert files to help larger efforts. 

PDF Files for More Convenience

PDF files are essentially the most widespread way of sharing documents because they can be shared while ensuring convenient editing or tampering. So a Word to PDF converter is also a useful tool to have in your arsenal and you will find yourself using it often. Sometimes your work will demand it for you, fortunately, these Word to PDF converters are also as useful and easy to use as the PNG to Word ones so you should have no problems in using the service.

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