Super Bowl 2023: Eagles vs Chiefs Latest Updates To Know

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The upcoming American Football Championship, Super Bowl LVII (57) is the game of National Football League (NFL).

Why 57 (LVII)?

It is named 57 to address the 57th edition of annual championship game.

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are all ready to face each other at 6:30 p.m. EST on Feb 12 (5.00 am IST on Feb 13)

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The amazing face off is going to happen at State Farm Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona

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The individual member of the team which wins will win $150,000 cash alongside trophy.

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The losing team will earn $75,000 half of the price money.

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The game will be aired on Fox. You can stream through any service of Fox, including, Sling, AppleTv, Hulu

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This year, the famous pop singer Rihanna will be featured in the halftime show.

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The national anthem will be sung by country star Chris Stapleton and  “America the Beautiful”, by Baby face.

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