Aspects about Rishi Sunak,  UK's first PM of colours

Aspects about Rishi Sunak,  UK's first PM of colours

Youngest PM with roots in India

At age of 42, He became the youngest Prime Minister of Britain. Also, the first British PM who has roots in India

Educated from WORLD FAMOUS institutes

He studied in the world's prestigious Winchester, Oxford, and Stanford colleges in California.

Co-Founded an investment banking firm

HE IS Richer than king charles

The estimated worth of Sunak & his wife is $844 million

a devout hindu

Sunak, took his oath on the bhagvad Gita when become a member of UK parliament in 2015.

Married to Akshata Murthy

He married to Akshata Murthy who is the daughter of Infosys Co-founder Mr. Narayan Murthy

Chief Secretary To treasury

Sunak was appointed as Chief Secretary to the Treasury by PM Boris Johnson in July 2019.

a Star Leader 

Rishi Sunak is a star leader in the Conservative Party. Lord Hague, Conservative Party leader, described Rishi Sunak as an “extraordinary person”.

Extremely Talented

 He studied Political Science from Winchester College. Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and was a Fulbright Scholar at Stanford University, He has mastery in politics and economics.