The truth behind Chinese spy balloon 

Photo Credit: hindustantimes

On saturday America has shoots down the Chinese spy ballon

On 28 Jan 2023 this Chinese balloon entered American airspace over Alaska

On February 4, the balloon drifted to the Carolinas. The FAA restricted airspace over the region.

A ground stop was ordered on the coast at Myrtle Beach International Airport, Charleston International Airport and Wilmington International Airport

A very modern fighter F-22 jet was used to shoot down this Chinese spy balloon

American and Canadian  government alleged that the balloon was a surveillance device

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Chinese government claimed it was a civilian airship that was blown off course by winds

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China has warned the USA of this "overreaction"

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In February 2022, several such balloons appeared on the coast of Taiwan

The Diameter of such balloons is 27m and china has integrated lots of technology in it like GPS, cameras, etc.

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